Meliemou Essentials

Selling natural, healthy and high quality essential products. Experience the joy of discovery and delight in the pleasure when you use Meliemou Essentials.  Enjoy and indulge..

Handmade with love. They smell good and it works ! I’ve tried their pit paste, shampoo bars and Kojic soap for the face and they were wonderful! I don’t need to spend thousands of good dollars for premium products ... this brand is premium yet affordable 

Bamba V E

About Us


Business Owner

A few months back, I came to realize that the time has come for a fresh approach to care for my skin, hair and body. I worried that over-exposure to man-made chemicals is harmful to my health and is detrimental to my skin. Since I have always enjoyed learning and making things, I took the plunge. And I have come to love more natural products now. I work for the airline industry and shared to friends what I make and use. They have come to love them too. So I decided to open Meliemou Essentials shop and share delightful bath, body and other beauty products that I love to more people. I hope you will experience the joy of discovery and delight in the pleasure when using Meliemou Essentials. Enjoy and indulge....